Data Safe Online Backup

Computers, Inc. knows your data is vital to keeping your business open and profitable. Many businesses run the risk of losing all of their data because they don't have a backup solution in place.

Our Pricing Structure

Data Usage Pricing* Actual Data Limit
0GB to 24GB $29 24,576 MB
25GB to 49GB $59 50,176 MB
50GB to 99GB $99 101,376 MB
100GB to 249GB $199 254,976 MB
250GB to 499GB $299 510,976 MB
500GB to 749GB $399 766,976 MB
750GB to 1TB $499 1,024,000 MB

* per month.

Data is the lifeblood of your company!
43% of U.S. companies experiencing data disasters never re-open, and 29% close within 2 years. The loss of revenue for each hour of downtime varies from industry to industry.

Don't wait to find out your cost of downtime!
You should ideally back up your data offsite, to a dedicated backup server that's managed 24/7.

Unbreakable Security

  • Powerful Encryption to prevent unauthorized access
  • Up to 448 bit encryption based on the proven Blowfish algorithm

Complete Data Protection
All your vital data is backed up to your online storage account. A single package backs up Office data, SQL databases, and e-mail (Microsoft Exchange). Local backup features can be added as part of our Gold Key service. 

Flexible, Secure Data Backup
All backup processes can be scheduled and automated so that you're not troubled with remembering to back up your data. Integrated virus protection helps prevent the transfer of infected files, and end-to-end AES encryption guards against unauthorized access.

Low Overhead
Bandwidth throttling ensures efficient use of available resources. FastBIT™ technology makes data transfer up to 99% faster than backups on the block level.

Priority Support
Computers, Inc. technical support gives top priority to eTickets and guarantees callbacks.

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